JIRA Integration

How is EveryClient integrated with JIRA?

In order to be able to use JIRA features in EveryClient Task Manager Software you will first need to add your JIRA details to the General Settings screen.

JIRA Settings

General Settings screen


Adding a JIRA Task

This easily done by adding a new Task, entering some text and clicking the "Find JIRA" button. Next, you just need to select the details of one of the found matching JIRA details.

JIRA Search

JIRA Search

Once selected, your Task is created with a link to the JIRA for easy reference.

Completed JIRA Search

New JIRA Task. Note: You can open and view the JIRA by clicking the browse button Completed JIRA Search

Opening/Viewing JIRA Details

Now that you have created and linked your new JIRA task, you can easily access and open the JIRA in your browser by:

Updating Tasks from JIRA

In the Task Maintenance screen you can easily keep your tasks update with the latest JIRA status, by clicking the "Check JIRA Status" button.

Check JIRA Status

Check JIRA Statuses

The sysetem can also auto-complete tasks in EveryClient Task Manager Software if you choose.
Task Status updated from JIRA

Task Status updated from JIRA

New Features

Please feel free to Contact Us with any new feature requests.